Leah & Scott Silverii



Leah is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, who was once a high school band director. Together, she and Scott combine an inspired schedule of work and travel. Her two boys and two girls blessed their marriage of blended families in a relatively injury-free union! Her mom also lives in the mix to help maintain order among the crew.

Leah led the way in their family and marriage outreach on Facebook at Faith Marriage


Scott is a recently retired Chief of Police with almost 26 years of law enforcement and a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology. He and Leah co-created a web-based business which includes a publishing house and workshops for authors. Scott was divorced and a single father for almost 20 years before meeting Leah. He brings sons to their marriage, including Max, an incredible young man blessed by Down syndrome.

Scott established a Christian men’s outreach at Brick Breakers


The Silverii family has committed to breaking the lineage of generational sins leading to divorce and separation. They’ve fastened their marriage and the mentoring of their kids to God’s unwavering biblical principles.

Together, Scott and Leah have pledged to begin a new legacy for their family. Their pasts do not have to define who they are or will be. This holds true for their children. They understand the eternal benefits and consequences of living a life separated from Christ.

This oath to live for Christ will allow their children and future generations to avoid the devastating plague of divorce and generational sins that have carried pain and guilt through the decades.

It is the freedom through Christ that is the cornerstone of their family legacy, and the greatest gift they can give each of their kids.

The beauty of this family is that they are no different from the millions of families who have struggled. Their key is the priority of God – Marriage – Family.